Alphabet Girls Volume 1

Alphabet Girls !!!

J. Paul Slavens presents Alphabet Girls Volume I...
Available at CD Baby and iTunes.

"Slavens is a North Texas musical treasure. It's nice to have an artifact that allows us to hear his voice..."
- Ken Shimamoto, FW Weekly

Next show: Every Tuesday in May at Dans Silverleaf, Denton , Tx

Recent News Items for You !!!

'P-Slave live Every Sunday Night at Bryan Street Tavern

'Paul will be hitting the stage around 11pm, just after he gets off the air at KXT 91.7

'P-Slave live Every Tuesday Night at Dans Silverleaf in Denton

'Paul returns to the stage at his longtime Monday night residency, NOW ON TUESDAYS!! Show at 10:30

'Daisy' featured by CD Baby

'Daisy,' the fourth of the Alphabet Girls, was featured on the CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast this week.

J. Paul Slavens talks D/FW Music

And yes, folks, that includes his own - on 'Think TV' over at Art&Seek.

Track By Track with Paul Slavens, with Paul Slavens

Track By Track with Paul Slavens features... himself and the 'Alphabet Girls!" Chris Flemmons hosts this collectors' edition of the Dallas Observer Music Award-nominated podcast.

J. Paul Slavens on The Local Yokel Show

Check out PSlave on The Local Yokel Show! Thanks to Chad and company for a great morning at Tomcast studios. Video here.

'Alphabet Girls Volume 1' Now In Stores!

The new album is now available at Good Records in Dallas and Recycled Books in Denton. Of course, if you can't make it to one of these fine sellers of local music, you can still purchase 'Alphabet Girls Volume 1' on CD Baby or iTunes.

Announcing the J. Paul Slavens 'Alphabet Girls' DFW Radio Tour

It's time for Slavens to get hosted! Follow the KXT radio personality as he hangs with his on-air peers and North Texas podcast-smiths and performs songs from 'Alphabet Girls' in studio. Read the full schedule here.

Vote J. Paul Slavens in the Dallas Observer Music Awards

Slavens is up for 'Best Jazz Act' and a second 'Best Radio Show/Podcast' award for 'The Paul Slavens Show' on KXT 91.7 on the Dallas Observer Music Awards ballot! 'Track by Track' for Art&Seek is also nominated. Voting begins Thursday, June 10. Spread the word!

Download 'Abigail' Now

'Abigail,' the first track from J. Paul Slavens' new album 'Alphabet Girls Volume 1', can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

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